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Jetpack Packing Cubes - Small

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The Ace of Tennis Organization. Save some room for more victories with the Jetpack Packing Cubes. We took the weatherproof outer-shell and luggage quality zippers of our Jetpacks, to hold and protect your essentials wherever your game takes you. 

Expand your wardrobe when your matches, lifestyle, or travel go the distance with our extendable mesh. Then compress the cube to save you space for more trophies, travel necessities, and essentials. 

In between sets, post-match, or after a long day, ensure your soiled gear stays neatly separated from your clean attire. Thanks to our smell stop barrier, your fresh clothes remain untouched by the odors of your dirty gear.

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- Expandable Excellence: Adapt to every match's needs with the expandable design of Jet Pack Tennis Cubes. No matter what court you’re on life, you’ll be prepared.

- Clean & Dirty Division: Keep the sweat and smell away from your clean gear. A odor-blocking barrier separates clean clothes from dirty clothes.

- A smooth game: YKK zippers seamlessly glide for easy gear access and storage– just like how you move around the court.

- Match Ready & Laundry Ready: Our cubes are machine washable, ensures that your gear and bags stays fresh and odor-free.

- Weather-Proof Performance: Whether you're playing under the blazing sun or in the midst of a sudden downpour, our weather-proof Kodra exterior shields your gear from the elements.

- Gear up with Jetpack Packing Cubes and transform the way you prepare for your tennis matches, life, and travel. This is your new passport to tennis excellence!

- Length: 10"
- Width: 7"
- Depth: 3"
- Volume: 3.4L

- Expanded depth: 6"
- Expanded volume: 6.8L

- Weight: 4.7oz

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