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Tennis Training Kit

Tennis Training Kit

Maximize your potential on court with this tennis training kit.
Multi-Feel Dampeners

Multi-Feel Dampeners

The world's only tennis racket dampener that lets you customize feel and never fall off.


ADV tennis overgrips have got you covered (get it?) with FeltTac material to offer a comfy, plush feel that stays dry and MaxTac material offering an ultra tacky grip.

Bamboo Charcoal Wristbands

Bamboo Charcoal Wristbands

Fast drying, anti-microbial and compression tennis wristbands.


These 2 unique poly's offer a mix of comfort, control, power and spin.

What other players are saying...

Francois Monnar 

Multi-Feel Dampeners

I am a 5.0 tennis player and I tried every one of the vibration dampeners made by ADV. One thing that sets these dampeners apart from others is that they are grooved so that it fits flush on the last cross ... string(snaps in place). By having this groove, the dampeners will not fall off the racket like others that I have tried. Once in place, they will not move until you physically take them out! Big plus!

Out of the three dampeners, 2,4 and 6 string, I liked the 4 initially but moved to the 6. I get a very soft response and maximum vibration absorption when I hit the ball. Putting on the dampener for the first time takes a minute, but once you do it is no problem and easy to do. Tip on putting on. The dampener has inscribed on it in the middle ADV, as long as the ADV is upright then you have put it on correctly.

My racket is: The Babolat Pure Strike 16x19 String that I use is Volkl Cyclone 18 gauge strung at 48lbs on constant speed pull stringer.
My advice to you tennis aficionados is to give them a try and maybe down the road ADV will allow you to purchase a three pack of the dampeners that you prefer as well as the three pack of 2,4 and 6.

Fritz McGhee

FeltTac Overgrips

I was in a bad mood when I bought these grips. I'm a 4.0 player and had just finished the most frustrating afternoon of tennis that I can remember, and it was all because I had sweat through not... one, but two new Wilson overgrips in an hour to the point where I could not serve with any power without losing control of my racquet completely. I live in Dallas and the humidity can be a problem, especially in 100+ degree weather, and this particular afternoon was both.

Desperate for anything that could keep both my palms and my grip dry, I wrapped my racquet with one of these ADV Dry Overgrips and went back out the following weekend to virtually the exact same conditions as before and HOLY SMOKES! One grip lasted all afternoon and while my hands still sweat, my palms remained mostly dry and I noticed near to no wetness on the grip itself. I played a full 2 hours in the heat without any grip issues at all.

I hadn't heard of ADV before, but I won't buy anything else from now on. Fantastic product that works as advertised and then some.

Sandra J

Matrix Strings

I’m a 4.0 all court player. For several years I happily used Pro Supex Big Ace Micro in a full bed. But my last reel was running out and I couldn’t find it anymore, so I had to find a new string...

I tried some other polys I wasn’t happy with, then I saw this on Amazon. I was leery at first since I couldn’t find much about it online and it seemed too cheap. But the money back guarantee and lack of remaining reasonably priced options sold me.

Initially I wasn’t too happy with it - too much power for the spin I could generate. So I re-strung it four pounds higher than normal and now I’m really liking it in my Head Extreme MP. Good spin potential, nice control, and when I hit the sweet spot on a flat serve some serious pop. After a few weeks of hitting its durability seems good so far.

I do my own stringing and found this stretches a lot more than other polys. Otherwise it’s one of the easiest polys I’ve strung.

Overall I like it, probably well enough to stick with it even if I find my my old string again.

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