FeltTac Dry Overgrips - 12 pack – ADV Tennis
FeltTac Dry Overgrips - 12 pack
FeltTac Dry Overgrips - 12 pack
FeltTac Dry Overgrips - 12 pack
FeltTac Dry Overgrips - 12 pack
FeltTac Dry Overgrips - 12 pack
FeltTac Dry Overgrips - 12 pack

FeltTac Dry Overgrips - 12 pack


One point can shift the momentum of a match. Never lose your handle on the match with the FeltTac Pro overgrip.

This is the “Sweet Spot” of tennis over grips. The perfect blend of comfort, sweat absorption, tack, and durability. 

Velvety soft feel and cushioning throughout every stroke. 

Quickly absorbs sweat. Feels like a freshly gripped racquet after every point. 

Optimal amount of tack to enhance grip without causing blisters. 

Durability to last you multiple training sessions and matches. Cuts the hassle out of frequent re-gripping.

Clutch victory with the FeltTac Pro as the overgrip for your racquet.




    Length43.3 in (1100mm) 
    Width.98 in (25mm)
    Thickness.03 in (.75mm)

    Frequently asked questions

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    What is FeltTac mean and how is it different?

    It's the 3-layered material that makes up our FeltTac Pro Overgrips. We used the word "Felt" in the name because the top layer of the grip is feathered polyurethane (PU) that has a similar feeling to velvet/felt. PU is already moderate tacky and when feathered, creates a unique feel that’s extremely soft and comfortable. It’s worth a shot :)

    The middle layer is uniquely 100% cotton spin-cloth (compounded layers of cotton cloth). We used this material because it is highly absorbent and won't add too much bulk. Plus, it's eco-friendly.

    The bottom layer is that same cotton spin cloth, but slightly bristled. This allows it to gently adhere to the actual racket's grip while not leaving any pesky residue.

    We designed FeltTac for players who have sweaty hands and are looking to maintain a solid, consistent, and very comfortable grip throughout play. We have found that at times the most tacky grips can lose its tack quickly and begin to slip upon sweating.

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    The white FeltTac is slightly different than the colored FeltTac, is that expected?

    The white color is ever so slightly stiffer than the black color. All the colors' dye create a a slightly softer finish - although the feel isn't too different. That being said, all the colors' have the same amount of tack and absorption.

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    How long is the grip and will it work on extra long tennis rackets?

    It's 43.4 inches long and 1.06 inches wide. This size works with even extra long and wide handles.

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    Is there tape on on the grips?

    Yes, there's tape at the tip of overgrip that helps keep the bottom of the grip attached. Each grip also has black ADV finishing tape.

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