Ace Bamboo Charcoal Wristbands - Grey

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🎾 MADE FROM ULTRA-ABSORBENT BAMBOO CHARCOAL. Unique to ADV, these tennis wristbands are made of fast-absorbing, odor reducing fibers that are quick to dry, and keep your grip non-slip; they are sustainable too!

🎾 DURABLE CONSTRUCTION AND LONG-LASTING PERFORMANCE... These wristbands will last countless hours on the tennis court, and withstand hundreds of wash-and-dry cycles; they won’t permanently stretch out and have minimal fabric pilling after washing.

🎾 LOW PROFILE, HIGH COMFORT. Made with bamboo charcoal fiber, these ADV tennis sweat bands might be thin, but they are highly porous; with a cross-section filled with nano-gaps designed to wick sweat away, while providing ventilation to keep you cool during the heat of play.

🎾 REDUCE INJURY BY IMPROVING BLOOD CIRCULATION. Bamboo charcoal fiber contains mineral elements such as potassium, magnesium, and calcium carbonized material, which help activate and increase cellular energy and accelerate the speed of blood circulation to improve wrist and form health.

🎾 LIFETIME NO-STRINGS ATTACHED GUARANTEE: All ADV Tennis products are fully tested by tennis pros and coaches to maintain high standards, so you can buy with confidence. If, for any reason you want to return them we offer a no hassle replacement, or full refund guarantee.