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ADV Tennis Sample Pack

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ADV Tennis is nothing like the large, traditional big brands of the sport. We’ve created a new type of tennis company based on innovation, community and creativity. We're different and we want to prove it to you.

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Tennis Dampeners

1 x
Multi-Feel Dampener

The world's only choose-your-feel tennis dampeners. Each dampener (Max Sorb, Sorb and Touch) has a unique dampening/feel profile that fits your game.. 100% compatible with all rackets and string patterns.

This sample includes 1 multi-feel dampener, the color and type is random.

FeltTac Tennis Overgrip

1 x
FeltTac Dry Overgrip

FeltTac overgrips are incredibly absorbant and have a uniquely velvety feel for the perfect dry, comfortable grip. These grips utilize proprietary FeltTac PU material.

This sample includes 1 FeltTac overgrip, the color is random.

MaxTac Tennis  Overgrips

1 x
MaxTac Tacky Overgrip

MaxTac overgrips have maximum tack while still having the benefit of easy moisture wicking and wiping. These grips are also razor thin at 0.5mm.

This sample includes 1 MaxTac overgrip, the color is random.


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