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Multi-Feel Dampeners

The world's only tennis racket dampener that lets you customize feel and never fall off

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Multi-Feel Dampeners

The world's only tennis racket dampener that lets you customize feel - and it never falls off...

Max Sorb

Most dampened and cushioned impacts you’ll ever feel due to its a large surface area and low density poly-silicone blend.


Perfect balance of dampening and feel. It’s surface area and poly-silicone blend density is in between that of the Max Sorb and Touch dampeners.


Just enough dampening to eliminate any “ping” while leaving your impacts crisp due to minimal surface area and high density poly-silicone material.

Frequently asked questions

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Will they help me play longer?

These dampeners will reduce harmful shock to your wrist, elbow and shoulder helping to prevent injury and reduce the wear/tear to your body over the course of many matches.

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What exactly is "feel"?

The more "feel" you have, the more crispness there is to each shot. We did a lot of testing and surveying - many players didn't want too much dampening and wanted some more of the natural crisp, ping sound and feel. So we decided to give everyone the option to choose what sensation they prefer between dampening/muting and feel/crispness. The Touch dampeners will give more vibration than the Sorb or Max Sorb. I hope this helps!

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Which type of dampener should I choose?

There are no cut-and-dry rules, it all depends on your playing style. ADV lets you to test/discover levels of absorption you might not have otherwise experienced. We'd recommend trying each one and see which works best with your racquets and strings. 
Or message us for help- we'd love to help find your perfect feel!
Read more below...

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What's the dampener made of?

It's made of poly-silicone materials. We combined different silicone densities to each type of dampener. The denser the silicone composite, the crisper the feel - while less dense silicone composites have a greater dampening effect but are designed to not lose the feel of the ball. We tested many different combinations of densities and are ultra-confident that we’ve served up ideal mixes.

Which dampener is for me?

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Although there are really no cut and dry rules for which dampeners work best for ...which racquets, strings types/tensions, and string patterns - we did design each dampener with specific rackets and strings in mind.

Racquet size:

Smaller racquets and head-sizes tend to produce more vibration throughout the string bed and frame - because of that, the larger dampeners (Max Sorb & Sorb) tend to be useful in reducing the higher levels of vibration. The Touch dampener works well with larger head-sizes as there isn’t as much vibration to dampen.

Racquet material:

Stiffer racquets tend to produce more vibration throughout the frame - so again, because of that, the larger dampeners (Max Sorb & Sorb) tend to be useful in reducing the higher levels of vibration. More flexible racquets are generally softer/duller, so using the Touch dampener will help prevent too much loss of feel.

Strings and string patterns:

Through our tests, we found that string type and gauge didn’t impact vibration too much - but the string pattern did. The tighter the string pattern (the gaps between strings are smaller), the more vibration is produced - so using Max Sorb and Sorb can help reduce the larger amount of vibration. The more open the string pattern (the gaps between strings are larger), the more shock is already absorbed. In this case, the Touch dampener would work well to maximize feel without the “ping” noise.

String tension:

Generally, the tighter the string tension, the more shock is produced. In this case, using either Max Sorb or Sorb would definitely help. Racquets strung a bit looser can benefit from Touch which will maximize feel without the “ping” noise.
We recommend that you try each dampener with all your racquets at different strings and tensions. Racquet feel is a very personal thing and we hope that our dampeners enable you to find the perfect feel. Hope this helped and please let us know if you have anymore questions. 

A word from the founder...

Ihave been playing tennis for over 20 years, with 14 of those being competitive, and roughly 19 of those using that little piece of rubber (or silicone) called a tennis dampener or shock absorber. Simply put, I can’t play without one. The funny thing is, I can’t pinpoint exactly why - until I started to research and develop the best tennis dampener ever created.

I learned that dampening is as much about reducing vibrations as it is changing the feel, ping or sound of every impact. Without the exact same feedback on every shot, I don’t get the same satisfaction on every swing. This seems to me as a pretty important aspect of tennis and one that I wanted to learn more about. The main 2 questions:

- Is it really possible to change the feel and dampening by using different designs and materials on a tennis shock absorber?
- Can a dampener be designed to never fall off a tennis racket?

Afters tons of research and tests, I found the answer to both questions to be YES. So, I decided to move forward with building the best tennis vibration dampener as one of ADV Tennis’ first products. Fast forward 2 years and the dampeners are a hit, with raving reviews. Needless to say, I’m pretty pumped! This is a just a small example of how we'll continue to push ADV Tennis to keep on innovating any and all tennis gear 🎾.

Lavie (Founder @ ADV Tennis)


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