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Not Your Average Overgrip

Introducing 2 Revolutionary Tennis Overgrips

FeltTac Pro Overgrips

Ultra Absorbent | Velvety Soft | Just Enough Tack

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MaxTac Overgrips

Maximum Tack | Razor Thin | Moisture Wicking


MaxTac Tacky Tennis Overgrip - 12 pack

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What our customers think

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Fritz McGee

Review on Amazon

I was in a bad mood when I bought these grips. I'm a 4.0 player and had just finished the most frustrating afternoon of tennis that I can remember, and it was all because I had sweat through not one, but two new Wilson overgrips in an hour to the point where I could not serve with any power without losing...
control of my racquet completely. I live in Dallas and the humidity can be a problem, especially in 100+ degree weather, and this particular afternoon was both. Desperate for anything that could keep both my palms and my grip dry, I wrapped my racquet with one of these ADV Dry Overgrips and went back out the following weekend to virtually the exact same conditions as before and HOLY SMOKES! One grip lasted all afternoon and while my hands still sweat, my palms remained mostly dry and I noticed near to no wetness on the grip itself. I played a full 2 hours in the heat without any grip issues at all. I hadn't heard of ADV before, but I won't buy anything else from now on. Fantastic product that works as advertised and then some.

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Review on Amazon

I ordered a 12-pack off Amazon a couple weeks ago and have played with the grips about 5 times now for about 1 1/2 - 2 hours per time.
1. I absolutely love the feel better than Tourna Grip.
2. ADV grips make the grip slightly bigger in size ...
not too much to make me want to turn them away though.
3. Are ADV grips as absorbent as Tourna Grip? So far, yes, but here in Indiana the temps are between 60-70 degrees (even cooler in the evening when I have been playing), so those hot days of playing in high temps and humidity will be tested next summer.
Bottom line, I actually like the grips and will continue to use them.

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B Man

Review on Amazon

I love this ADV overgrip for some of my tennis rackets.
1. This is noticeably the thickest overgrip I used. I have been using Wilson Pro OG for myself and for the kids I coach. I feel that the ADV is thicker than if I overlap 50% meaning basically double layer...
Thus I love to put this on the sticks with slightly smaller grip so that the thickness bring the circumference up a little.By far, the most durable over grip - With the Wilson I basically used about 5 sessions or 2 weeks and I would turn it inside out or flip, essentiall use it 4 time but thinner each time. ADV lasts longer than that.
3. Suppsedly the dry type - Definitely does not have the tack of Wilson Pro OG but as it wears does not become so .. powderly.. Other than getting a bit dirty looking it stays about the same.
4. Length - shorter. Need less overlap. Does not stretch much.
5. Very good finish tape - very stretchy and sticky. This is definitely one time use finish tape.
6. Good price - At the time, I compare shopped and I hope to find it again.
Overall, very good overgrip that I hope to use again, if I can find it at a good price.

Frequently asked questions

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What is FeltTac mean and how is it different?

It's the 3-layered material that makes up our FeltTac Pro Overgrips. We used the word "Felt" in the name because the top layer of the grip is feathered polyurethane (PU) that has a similar feeling to velvet/felt. PU is already moderate tacky and when feathered, creates a unique feel that’s extremely soft and comfortable. It’s worth a shot :)

The middle layer is uniquely 100% cotton spin-cloth (compounded layers of cotton cloth). We used this material because it is highly absorbent and won't add too much bulk. Plus, it's eco-friendly.

The bottom layer is that same cotton spin cloth, but slightly bristled. This allows it to gently adhere to the actual racket's grip while not leaving any pesky residue.

We designed FeltTac for players who have sweaty hands and are looking to maintain a solid, consistent, and very comfortable grip throughout play. We have found that at times the most tacky grips can lose its tack quickly and begin to slip upon sweating.

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The white FeltTac is slightly different than the colored FeltTac, is that expected?

The white color is ever so slightly stiffer than the black color. All the colors' dye create a a slightly softer finish - although the feel isn't too different. That being said, all the colors' have the same amount of tack and absorption.

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How long is the grip and will it work on extra long tennis rackets?

It's 43.4 inches long and 1.06 inches wide. This size works with even extra long and wide handles.

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Is there tape on on the grips?

Yes, there's tape at the tip of overgrip that helps keep the bottom of the grip attached. Each grip also has black ADV finishing tape.

A tennis overgrip is an essential part of having the right gear to play with. For those who know the game, there are two primary overgrip types available. These are dry and tacky overgrips. We're working on creating an overgrip that has both max sweat absorption and tack 🙂).

If you’re looking for the right tennis overgrip, best varieties can be found right here at ADV Tennis. We’ll give you a range of overgrip options to choose from and why they're great. 



All ADV Tennis products are fully tested by tennis pros and coaches to maintain high standards and to ensure they work with all brands and rackets, so you can buy with confidence. If, for any reason you want to return them we offer a no hassle replacement, or full refund guarantee.

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