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Tennis Meets Peloton: This Spin, Will Make You Feel Undefeated

What could you have in common with the likes of Roger Federer, John Isner, Victoria Azerenka, and Monica Puig? 

Spin. Topspin? Nope.

Peloton spin, well maybe topspin, just less mph. 

Since March when lock-down started, my wife and I were lucky enough to snag a Peloton bike. The pandemic has closed down gyms, has put weights out of stock, and has marked up fitness equipment five times their retail value. The Peloton bike has taken the need away, to ever go back to a commercial gym. The Peloton bike and app has been a savior for my tennis fitness, mental game, and recovery during quarantine.  


The Peloton Bike/App and Tennis

With tennis being competitive, a cerebral, and a very stop and go sport, the Peloton bike and its workouts provide you with all of these facets to serve your game. 


The Bike

The spin classes build your leg strength, your stamina, and keep you tough when fatigue could put you in an unfavorable position, just like in a match. With every class there’s a warmup, the workout, and a cool down. The spin classes have various styles like interval training, hill climb, and tabata that can build your endurance up for those grueling 5-set matches.  

As you warm up, you’ll notice on the right-hand side there’s a leaderboard, where you can compete for top rankings to keep your competitive fire alive. Don’t worry there’s only Federer, to keep you out of “The Big 3”, in this ranking system.  


Strength, Running, and Bootcamp Classes

Speed, strength, and quickness are provided through the running, weight training, and boot camp classes. I feel the power on my shots has increased, and my lateral quickness has improved from the strength and bootcamp classes. The workouts can last anywhere from ten minutes to an hour, and everything in between, so there’s no excuse to not get a workout in with a tight schedule. 


Stay Positive, Stay Present

To stay in the workouts just like in points and to stray away from negative self-talk, the variety of coaches is one of the most valuable assets Peloton provides. Each coach has their own personality and they motivate and inspire you to stay tough, when you feel like you can’t give anymore. 

Getting in the zone and staying present has always been one of my biggest fascinations with the game of tennis. The Peloton app offers meditation, which range from 5 minutes to 30 minutes. I meditate prior to matches, to put me in the frame of mind to dominate. I have noticed I don’t dwell on lost points as often as I used to, and it has helped my focused greatly.


Mobility and Recovery Work          

Taking notes from Novak Djokovic, I have integrated yoga in my game to keep my muscles flexible, work on my core strength, and my breathing. When my arms are tight from serves or my hips are tight from ground strokes, I feel like I’m losing the efficiency in my game. As I have started yoga, my range of motion has significantly improved, has added balance, and has kept me injury free.

The often most neglected workout of any athlete, especially tennis, is recovery. I see players do some arm stretches here and there, lift their leg, then be ready to go for matches, but rarely do you see them stretch post-match. The Peloton app provides stretching and yoga exercises that hits the major muscles groups used in play. I know you and I want to play the game, for many years to come, so don’t forget to stretch! 


The Peloton bike and application helps improve your mental, physical, mobility, and recovery side of tennis. I can’t wait to see you on the leaderboard! 


🎾 Written by Mike Malig, staff writer and review + avid Peloton'er


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