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Tennis in Cambodia

Tennis has changed my life. It's a passion that has driven me and has given me opportunities that I would otherwise have never had. For this reason, I want ADV Tennis to be a vehicle to help grow tennis and enrich lives in areas of the world where tennis isn't as prevalent - starting with Cambodia.

So, I'm extremely proud and excited to announce that we have partnered with the Tennis Federation of Cambodia offering free tennis gear to their grassroots programs throughout the country. This is only the beginning!

As a first generation Cambodian-American having parents who lived through and escaped the horrors of war and genocide, I am naturally passionate, loyal, and relentlessly motivated to help.

Years ago, I visited Cambodia and produced a documentary to help spread awareness of an absolutely amazing story. The documentary illustrates tennis as a microcosm of the restoration of Khmer society. Tennis is not just a game, but truly has become a new way of life. I have not seen such motivation and love for tennis as I do in Khmer coaches and players. You'll discover Cambodian grassroots tennis, the dedication of the coaches, and even their newly formed Davis Cup team, who play within the Oceania group.

If you have a moment, please give the documentary a watch. I'd love to hear any thoughts or questions, so please don't hesitate to reach out. It would be amazing if you could help share this story with anyone else who loves tennis, Cambodia or simply an inspiring story.



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