Variety 3-Pack

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Following years of continuous feedback from coaches and teams of pro-players, ADV has reached a pivotal point of harmony between dampening, stroke accuracy, and long-play comfort. Made available to you in a limited range of colors, this set of three dampeners allows you to test out different absorption strengths to see which suits your playing style best.

 Most tennis players will agree that whether you are the next tennis star, a weekend warrior, or a coach, being able to choose the best shock absorption for your playing style can transform your game. That’s why ADV Tennis packs in the Max Sorb, Sorb, and Touch dampeners into one pack, so that you get to test what suits you the best - or if you know which dampeners suits you the best already, we have a 3 pack of the same types too.


3 Choices - ADVantage You!


Max Sorb
  • Covers 6 vertical cross strings
  • 100% dampening
  • 25% feel


  • Covers 4 vertical cross strings
  • 50% dampening
  • 50% feel


  • Covers 2 vertical cross strings
  • 25% dampening
  • 100% feel

Proprietary channel locking system

  • Never lose your dampener again
  • Locks on tight to all rackets and string patterns
  • Minimal movement on strings


Unique, sleek, and modern design

  • Mix & match with different colors
  • A sharp look that fits your style
  • Customize your gear without loud branding

Frequently Asked Questions

Which type of dampener should I choose?

There are no cut-and-dry rules, it all depends on your playing style. ADV lets you to test/discover levels of absorption you might not have otherwise experienced. We'd recommend trying each one and see which works best with your racquets and strings. Message us here on Amazon for help - we'd love to help find your perfect feel!

What's the dampener made of?

It's made of poly-silicone materials. We combined different silicone densities to each type of dampener. The denser the silicone composite, the crisper the feel - while less dense silicone composites have a greater dampening effect but are designed to not lose the feel of the ball. We tested many different combinations of densities and are ultra-confident that we’ve served up ideal mixes.

Will they help me play longer?

These dampeners will reduce harmful shock to your wrist, elbow and shoulder helping to prevent injury and reduce the wear/tear to your body over the course of many matches.


  • 🎾3 DAMPENERS, EACH WITH UNIQUE CHARACTERISTICS: this racket dampener set offers a choice of different sizes, shapes and densities so you can choose between dampening, feel and stiffness to suit your playing style. 
  • 🎾 PROPRIETARY GROOVED LOCKING SYSTEM PREVENTS FALL-OFF: specially designed grooves connect to both cross and main strings which means that ADV tennis dampeners excel at eliminating vibration without popping-off or moving on the strings mid-match.
  • 🎾 ENGINEERED DURABILITY FOR HIGH PERFORMANCE: years of collaboration with professional players, coaches and technical engineers have delivered vibration dampeners that won’t snap, chip or fall apart during long play.
  • 🎾 PREVENT INJURY AND REDUCE TENNIS ELBOW: Find the perfect feel while still reducing harmful shock to your wrist, elbow, and shoulder helping to prevent injury and reduce the wear and tear to your body over the course of a long match.
  • 🎾 LIFETIME NO-STRINGS ATTACHED GUARANTEE: All ADV Tennis products are fully tested by tennis pros and coaches to maintain high standards and to ensure they work with all brands and rackets, so you can buy with confidence. If, for any reason you want to return them we offer a no hassle replacement, or full refund guarantee.