FeltTac Dry Overgrip - 12 pack

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Following years of continuous feedback from coaches and teams of pro-players, ADV has reached a pivotal point of harmony between sweat absorption, feel, and long-play comfort. Made available to you in a range of colors, this set of overgrips allows you to play longer with a firm dry grip.

Most tennis players will agree that toweling down a racket to keep it dry isn’t practical. When you’re covering a lot of the court in a tough game, every little ADVantage you have can be the difference between clinching that high-pressure serve or returning that awkward volley.

Also available in a 30 pack.


🎾 GREAT GRIP, NO SLIPS: tested and designed by pro players and coaches, ADV Tennis overgrips are made from a proprietary ultra-absorbent FeltTac material to provide a super-dry firm grip when it counts; ideal for long matches in all climates, especially hot and humid.

🎾 EXCLUSIVE FEATHERED COMFORT: FeltTac grip tape has a unique feathered PU material surface providing soft cushioning to promote a more relaxed grip allowing more confident strokes and greater feel. Oh, this also means blisters will be a thing of the past!

🎾 THESE GRIPS LAST LONGER WITH HIGH TEAR-RESISTANCE: ADV overwraps don’t rip easily due to reinforced PU compounds. Other brands are less durable so you’ll buy more often, we instead want to give you a long lasting grip. Each grip is extra wide for greater coverage and includes finishing tape with a tapered end for secure wrapping. Includes a BONUS weatherproof pouch.

🎾 3 LAYERS IMPROVE FEEL FOR PLAYERS: 1) a bristled cotton base layer for a secure yet gentle fit, 2) 100% cotton spin cloth mid-layer for high absorbency yet a low profile, 3) a feathered PU top layer for velvety comfort with moderate tack.

🎾 LIFETIME NO-STRINGS ATTACHED GUARANTEE: All ADV Tennis products are fully tested by tennis pros and coaches to maintain high standards, so you can buy with confidence. If, for any reason you want to return them we offer a no hassle replacement, or full refund guarantee.


Size & Dimensions

  • Length: 1100 mm (43.3 in)

  • Width: 25 mm (.98 in)

  • Thickness: .75 mm (.03 in)