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Matrix String Reel

$80 $125
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ADV Matrix Tennis String

A soft co-polyester string with a textured surface offering the perfect balance of spin, control, and feel.

  • Great string at a great value. Less than 1/3 the cost of the big brands like Wilson, Luxilon, Babolat, Gamma, Head, etc.
  • Perfect for intermediate to advanced players who want a soft polyester with great feel and spin for their groundstrokes, volleys, and serves.
  • High quality polyester material that is highly durable and great for hybrid sets.
  • Full reel of string - enough for about 15 restrings. 


Roughen it up!

  • The rough and dimpled surface enhances both the grip on the ball for more spin and feel for touch shots like lobs and dropshots. 
  • Although the surface is rough, the core of the string is very soft ensuring each swing is comfortable.
  • As the power response is a bit lower, players can swing faster without losing control of the ball. 

  • 🎾 ROUGH SURFACE FOR MORE CONTROL AND SPIN - Highly textured surface for greater ball grip for increased spin and control.
  • 🎾 SOFTEST POLY STRING PROVIDES FEEL AND COMFORT. Its mono-fiber core is made of a soft polyester blend that provides exceptional feel and is forgiving to your arm/shoulder.
  • 🎾 HIGHLY DURABLE, LESS RE-STRINGING. Even at 17g, this co-poly string is resilient enough for even the heaviest hitters.
  • 🎾 AMAZING VALUE - COMPARABLE TO BIG BRANDS. Similar strings, such as Luxilon Alu Rough are more than triple the cost.
  • 🎾 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. If the string isn’t perfect, feel free to exchange or return it for a full refund.



  • 17g
  • 660 foot reel


100% money back guarantee - if the strings aren’t perfect don’t hesitate to return for a full refund or exchange.

- Customize your feel with 3 unique dampeners

- Never lose your dampener again. Grooved channels lock dampener in place.

- Made of long lasting, durable poly-silcone blend.

- Max Sorb, 6 strings across, 0.24 oz

- Sorb, 4 strings across, 0.18 oz

- Touch, 2 strings across, 0.21 oz

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A portion of sales goes to a tennis community in need