Why I Started ADV Tennis

Why I Started ADV Tennis

My simplest answer is, I love tennis.

It's fun, it's exercise, it's humbling, it's gratifying, it's an escape, it's a job, it's empowering, it's my passion. My guess is that it's one, some or all of for you too.

I knew I wanted to be immersed in it, not just as a player and coach, but also as an entrepreneur looking to make tennis better, more impactful, and more accessible. My first endeavor, oddly enough, took me to Cambodia, a country that doesn't first come to mind in regards to tennis. There, I uncovered the true power of tennis and the impact it can really make. My mission became to share the amazing story of tennis in Cambodia through this documentary. I dream of the day that ADV Tennis can help support and spread tennis throughout Cambodia and other regions of the world in spite of limited tennis resources.

My next venture came in the form of tech where I co-founded Shot Stats to build the world's first smart tennis dampener that would provide real-time swing feedback that included head speed, ball spin, shot type, contact point, contact angle, and a few other metrics. This experience was a whirlwind that I learned and grew from. If you're reading this and you were a Kickstarter backer, please reach out and I'd be more than happy to send over plenty of ADV gear. 

This brings me to ADV Tennis where my goal is to bring together tennis coaches, players, and enthusiasts of all levels, from every part of the globe to share ideas, stories, tips, mindsets, you name it! The hope is that this content is useful and helps the greater tennis community. Moreover, we're always looking to share more content from people just like you - just reach out. 

At the same time, I'm also working to bring to market quality tennis gear at a great value. I want to take the innovative spirit from Shot Stats to improve current tennis gear, while looking to create brand new products that solve real problems (we're looking at bags, balls, racket customization, court accessories, and training kits to name a few). Again, if you have ideas and we'll see if we can develop it!

All this is to be guided by the North Star of using tennis to enrich lives across the world - hopefully one day partnering with tennis federations (like the Tennis Federation of Cambodia).

Please don't hesitate to reach out with questions, comments, or just to say "hi". Thanks and Happy Hitting, 

ADV Tennis Founder